Doggie Boarding
Massage 4 paws is very proud to announce its new in-home doggie daycare and boarding services
for friendly and well-mannered dogs.
Basically everything will be the same as in daycare, meaning lots of fun and adventure
throughout the day, plus snuggle time in the evenings and sleeping wherever your dog prefers.
If you do not want your dog to be on a couch or bed, please advise before boarding. We do not
want to enforce different rules than at your house, because habits are hard to break. You do not
ever need to worry about your dog sleeping alone or in a cage or kennel.
Peace of mind when you’re gone!!!!
Overnight Care
Drop-Off between 7:00am -9:00am or Noon to 1:00pm
Pick-Up between 4:00pm- 6:00pm
$27/night for 1-3 nights, 24-hour time period
$25/night for 4-6 nights
$23/night for 6-10 nights
$20/night for dogs staying two weeks or longer
No PM drop-offs
* Note: On Sunday, we close at noon.
What To Bring
Pre-packaged and labeled food for each meal
Leash and collar with tags
Any Medication with written instructions
We provide: comfortable clean bedding, toys and water
Requirements are the same as for Daycare.
Massage is not, nor is it intended to be a substitute for traditional veterinary care. It is a complimentary form of health care.